A Sunday in Zambia

Monday, June 23, 2008.

Yesterday, our group from The University Church participated in Sunday worship here at the Kafakumba Training Center in Ndola, Zambia. The service was led by Pastor Diamond, who is an elder in the United Methodist Church, with participation by several of the pastors who are attending the Pastor’s School here at Kafakumba. Diamond wore his spectacular white robe for the occasion:

Julian preached (in English!!) and Diamond interpreted into Swahili. As Julian and Diamond have worked together many times, Diamond even managed to get the hand movements, facial grimaces and so on incorporated into his interpretation! Notice the drums made from hollow logs in the background.

Every now and again a small child would wander into the building, which is open to the outside world, or a dog or two might decide to check out what was happening.

There was a lot of congregational singing, accompanied by the drummers playing on hollow logs of various sizes (they are incredible) and with singing in Swahili and in Bemba.

The women put on a special parade with singing during the service.

The parade was a slow dance and the drums played along while the women sang.

After the service, everyone gathered for photographs while they were wearing their Sunday best! All of the children wanted to see photos of themselves with Hollis, Anna and Joshua and even the rest of us got caught up in a photo or two!

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