Coats for the children in Zambia

Friday, June 27, 2008. (post #2)

Anna and Hollis arranged a special surprise for the children in the daycare center here at Kafakumba in northern Zambia. Hollis had collected some money from the 7th and 8th grade classes at Ottawa Hills Junior High School and Anna had done some fund raising at West Side Montessori Center in Toledo. They used this money to buy a coat for each of the 96 children in the daycare center! During the week the two girls made up bags for each child with a new toothbrush and some goodies for them.

The girls transported piles of coats to the daycare center on the back of Grandma Enright’s golf cart (she uses this for getting around the compound now that walking about is not so easy for her):

The children were at the center waiting for their afternoon snack ( a cup of milk and a piece of banana):

The girls helped to serve the snack for the children and passed out the milk and bananas:

The children enjoyed their snacks:

And then the girls passed out coats to each child:

The children were thrilled to get a new piece of clothing and modeled their coats for us:

Others enjoyed the goodies from their goodie bags:

Some of the children bundled up and kept their coats on for the rest of the day!

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