Local life in Zambia

Friday, June 27, 2008.

Over the last few days, our group from The University Church has been keeping busy here at the Kafakumba Training Center in Ndola, Zambia. We recently had lunch with the pastors and their families who are here at the Pastors’ School. The local protocol is that the women line up first and the men come in later. Cindy, Hollis and Anna were in line while Josh, Bobby and I waited outside:

The cooks prepare gigantic amounts of nshima, which is like semolina or grits, and that is the staple of pretty much every single meal:

One evening, Josh helped to arrange a soccer match between the pastors attending the school and the locals who work at the training center. It turned into quite an event, with the pastors’ wives and children singing and dancing on the sidelines:

Some of the children created their own trumpets for sounding their support from a local plant:

The big news was that the pastors’ team won (1:0) and there was much rejoicing – the fans rushed onto the field and carried the goal-keeper off on their shoulders (he really saved the day any number of times!):

Not everything has been food and fun, but more about that later….

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