Table talk – Theology Discussion Group

Join us for coffee and cookies on Thursdays from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. in “The Ark” (2080 Brookdale Road, Toledo, Ohio 43606) to talk about your theological questions in a friendly and accepting environment.

All opinions are valued and all voices heard. Everyone is welcome! Topics for the upcoming sessions are:

September 11 – War – pre-emptive war, just war, nonviolent resistance and pacifism.

September 18 – The Justice System in the US – Does it work?

September 25 – Nationalism and patriotism; border control and xenophobia.

October 2 – Rights and privileges – what are “rights” and what are “privileges” in the US?

October 9 – Distributive Justice – the problem of healthcare.

October 16 – Political activism and the church.

October 23 – Pornography and sexual ethics.

Our gatherings include people with a wide range of theological positions and church backgrounds, yet we manage to converse in a friendly and respectful way even when we disagree! Come and share your thoughts.

Thanks for visiting!