Letter Writing About Forced Labor And Child Labor

Recent posts here have concerned the issue of child labor and forced labor, and that topic was the focus of “Conversations Over Dinner” last night (November 25, 2009). This morning (Thanksgiving Day), the following letter was sent to Representative Kaptur, Senator Brown, and Senator Voinovich:

Last night a group from The University Church in Toledo met specifically to review and discuss the report by the Department of Labor entitled “The Department of Labor’s List of Goods Produced by Child Labor or Forced Labor”. This report was sent to V.P. Biden by the Department of Labor on September 10, 2009.

We see this report as an important step in promoting human rights globally and are working to formulate our own plan to share the information in the report in our local area and to help consumers understand how their shopping habits can contribute to social injustice.

Our concern is how the federal government will use the information in the Department of Labor report. We write to you asking that you help ensure that federal spending is guided by this report and that our tax dollars are not spent in ways that contribute to child labor and forced labor globally.

With many thanks for your efforts on our behalf.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Rev. Dr. Julian A. Davies

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