Good Books To Read – History Of The World Christian Movement to 1453

How in the world did we get to where we are today? I’m talking of Christians, of course. And what were the major factors that influenced some of the most important decisions in Christian history? History of the World Christian Movement: Earliest Christianity to 1453 (History of the World Christian Movement), by Dale T. Irvin and Scott W. Sunquist will answer those questions and more; at least up until the year 1453. Irwin and Sunquist provide a fascinating journey from the Silk Road to the Ottoman Empire and provide a glimpse into Christian history that will shock and amaze you.  This book is difficult to put down; from the life of the early church, to the monastic life styles, and on through the age of the Golden Horde – each is covered in great detail and with excellent historical documentation. Enjoy the reading!

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