Recommended Reading: Bible Study That Works

If you have found Bible study to be difficult and frustrating then give this little book by David L. Thompson a try!  According to Thompson, Bible study asks two questions: first, what did the authors intend to say to their original readers?  Second, what are the implications for modern-day readers and for the modern world? Study of the Bible in literary units is recommended and this recognizes that the Biblical books were, in large part, originally written that way.  Thus, a Biblical book has significance as a discrete, yet whole, literary unit  and so studying individual units makes a lot of sense.  Thompson teaches what is known as “inductive” Bible study, a method that allows the text to speak and yet which provides a solid framework for study and understanding.  Give it a try!  If you think that Inductive Bible Study is for you, then consider joining a class on the subject at The University Church.

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