2016 Community Health Worker Event Highlights

Articles by Victoria Webb, CHW

October’s Family Fun Night was a Blast!

“The Family Fun Night was a spectacular event! All Praises to the Father!”  were the words from Victoria Webb, the Community Health Worker at The University Church, who organized this event. Over 100 community members came out to enjoy the festivities. This night included announcing a neighborhood walking group to take place at Swan Creek Metropark. It was also an opportunity for families to gather information as it relates to their health and wellness needs. Appetites were satisfied with grilled hotdogs plus trimmings and fresh grilled vegetables from the Community Garden. The bonfire was the main attraction as families were able to taste delicious trail bread made over the fire and s’mores that melted in their mouths. Everyone really enjoyed just relaxing by the bonfire and enjoying its warmth on a chilly October night. The children had a blast playing games and engaging in activities around the bonfire with the Metroparks’ volunteers. As the event concluded, the children loved the toys that were given out and the parents were pleased with being provided a school uniform or clothing item for their children.

Community Responses:

“We had fun and my kids had a great time!”

“It was great; my family really enjoyed their very first bonfire experience!”

“Thank you so much for everything, especially the uniforms and toys. We loved the bonfire!”

“The grilled vegetables, s’mores, and the (trail) bread were delicious!”

A special thanks to our volunteers: Sam Lewis our faithful van driver, Mr. and Mrs. Gill, Katherine, Metroparks of Toledo, Lisa Taylor representing Caresource, Kristal Barham, Community Outreach Coordinator for MHRSB, The University Church staff, and all the community members who helped make this event a success.

Also, the generous monetary donations given by Kroger and a community family were very much appreciated.

November’s Health and Wellness Harvest Fest was a Spectacular Event!

A primary goal of Community Health Workers (CHWs) is to promote health and wellness in the community. Therefore, in collaboration with the Junction Coalition and the Frederick Douglass Community Center, The University Church supported the 4th Annual Junction Urban Harvest Festival on November 12, 2016. This year’s spectacular event benefited over 400 members of our community. They were able to gain awareness and education concerning health and wellness issues plaguing our community. Participants were able to receive basic health screens, explore various health plans, gather information from community organizations, participate in a variety of physical exercises, and enjoy interactive health-focused activities. In addition, breakfast and lunched was served, food items and fresh produce were distributed, free haircuts were provided, and 150 community members received free turkeys.

Victoria Webb, CHW at The University Church and Planning Committee Event Coordinator stated that “Our goal was to create a health and wellness focused, fun-filled, interactive, and empowering experience for all that came.”

Community Responses:

“What wonderful experience, I gained a lot of information about my health.”

“My kids enjoyed the face-painting and healthy-eating activities.”

“The free haircuts and all the fun activities made my family’s day.”

“There was so much to do and it was well-organized.”

“I appreciated the health screens and the free turkey.”

“I am so happy transportation was provided so that my family could come.”

A special thanks to Sam Lewis, our volunteer van driver for making it possible for 30 community members to attend this event and to The University Church staff, especially CHW Shelia Woffard and Pastor Julian Davis, for all their help and support. Much appreciation and thanks to Alicia Smith, Executive Community Liaison for the Junction and Event Chairperson, for inviting The University Church to participate in this event.

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