Our Mission in Ndola, Zambia

Friday, June 20, 2008.

Our group from The University Church is now safely at the Kafakumba Training Center in Ndola, Zambia after a very long trip. Mary Kay and Bobbie have been teaching the pastors who are here for Pastor’s School about HIV/AIDS and neglected tropical diseases. Anna and Hollis have been working at the children’s day camp, watching over the pastor’s children while Joshua has been busy with his sports ministry, getting soccer matches arranged between the pastors and the local teams from nearby villages. Julian has been preaching at the morning services (which start at 6:45 a.m.!!!!) and is teaching three series of classes: Church Planting to the first year pastors, Ethics to the fourth year pastors, and Inductive Bible Study to a combined third and fourth year class. Cindy has been working with the women here – mostly wives of male pastors – and has definitely done the most interesting thing of all of us! Here is what Cindy taught the women to do:

First you find some old plastic bags, discarded after someone has used them for grocery shopping.

Second, you cut each one of them into a single long strip of plastic (like peeling an apple in one strip).

Third, you wind the plastic into a ball, like a ball of wool.

Fourth, you start knitting with the plastic to create a shoulder bag.

Fifth, you attach a handle, either knitted from more plastic or, like this one, from brown string.

Sixth, you have a gorgeous shoulder bag created from garbage.

Seventh, you get to show everyone your new handmade creation:

How cool is that!!!

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