Recycle Your Printer Cartridges and Support The University Church

Planet Green july 2016

The University Church is embarking on a new recycling program. Help us by recycling old printer cartridges to earn money for our programs and ministries. Here are three simple ways to get involved with The University Church’s Planet Green recycling fundraiser:

1.) Drop off used printer cartridges from family/friends/work in the collection box at TUC. (The box is located under the table in entry way.)

2.) Get your friends and family to support TUC by going online to and registering as a supporter of our TUC fundraiser. (Anyone can collect printer cartridges, print off a FREE shipping label, and ship cartridges from anywhere in the USA to Planet Green on behalf of TUC fundraiser.)

3.) Order your new printer cartridges online from the Planet Green TUC link. TUC will receive 15% back on all purchases. Here is the link:

Thank you for supporting The University Church’s fundraiser.

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