Sunday, November 13, 2016 at The University Church.

When Jesus was confronted by a particularly important and tricky situation, his response to those around him was often along the lines of, “Let me tell you a story …” followed by an amazingly insightful parable. I wonder what parable he would tell us today?  In our series on “The Parables of Jesus” we will finish up with this last parable, “Two More Sons” from Matthew’s Gospel which begins with the words, “What do you think?” and then describes a scenario in which those with power and authority are put to the test alongside those who are outcasts and rejects.  Maybe this is the exact parable he would tell us today.

We will also continue our conversation about our work in the community, “The Best Kept Secret,” with a presentation about “Healthy Families.” Come and join us. All are welcome.




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