Community Garden Printer Cartridge Recycling Program


If you have ever wondered what to do with your printer cartridge once it is empty, wonder no more!  The University Church Garden has partnered with Cartridge World (3814 W. Alexis Road, Toledo OH) and if you return an empty cartridge to them and mention that you would like it to be credited to our account, we will receive the small return payment ($1) and you will recycle a cartridge instead of sending it to the landfill!

They do not pay for all cartridges, but those that do not qualify for the $1 return payment will be recycled by Cartridge World.  Here are few guidelines for printer cartridges that will earn us money:

  1. Only inkjet cartridges (not laser)
  2. Newer printer cartridges are more likely to earn the $1

If you have cartridges that you would like to donate, just drop them off at Cartridge World and mention our name.  Thank you for helping TUC Garden!

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