Community Outreach

Put feet to your faith by serving our community.

On the third Thursday of every month we transform our church building into a community center and send our church bus out into the neighborhood to bring people to our facility so that we can distribute food, including fresh fruits and vegetables grown in our gardens, along with samples of dishes that can be prepared from the food we are distributing and recipes to help people recreate these dishes.

As a church family, we keep up an ongoing collection of personal care products (soap, toothpaste, combs, deodorant, etc.) and encourage each other to bring these items to our worship gatherings on Sundays. The items we collect are distributed to those who need them at our ‘Third Thursday’ community gatherings and through other pathways. Simply by taking advantage of ‘buy one, get one free’ offers at your local store, you can take part in helping people with no real cost to yourself! What possible reason could there be not to do this? We can’t think of one. To find out more about our community outreach, click here:

4747 Hill Avenue
Toledo, Ohio 43615